Clients get to choose a team to work on their Project – How convenient!

Jun 26 20182 min read
When it comes to custom software & portal development you need to build a team that understand the product the same way you do. A company following an agile methodology gives you the opportunity to work with the team throughout the process and develop the end product as you expected. The best part of building an agile team is that you can utilise the skilled and experienced developers, designers and the right talents to work on your project.
Clients get to choose a team Project – How convenient!
Clients get to choose their team

Benefits of choosing your team

  • Dedicated team: Hiring a dedicated team gives you a lot of opportunity to improve your product and get the best of individual talent. To develop intuitive custom software, portals and web applications an approach like this is inevitable.
  • Accommodate new and frequent changes: Whether your project is complex or simple, there will be new and frequent changes. Cost limitations and fixed effort model shouldn’t come in the way of accommodating these changes. Additional cost incurred is perhaps the greatest challenge faced by the clients during project development. By focusing on the product, new changes and improvements can be made at different stages. The result? A product designed to look and function flawlessly.
  • Iterative development: The Scrum team continues the development in iterations of 2-4 week sprints and ensure vital testing and refinements to guarantee you receive the features and experience for your users. This helps make new modification and new changes are communicated to the product owner concurrently.
  • Flexibility: The product owner along with the dedicated team works and communicates seamlessly on developing the product. This arrangement gives the freedom to remove or add functionality for product improvement. Eventually, the product owner becomes part of the team.
  • Remote Teamwork: With access to your own team of technical talent you need not make large investments in staff hire and resources. Working remotely as one unit, each member operates as an extension of your existing team.
  • Transparent collaboration: The product owner gets to understand the strengths and weakness of the team. At certain times, when product owner fails to understand issues due to lack of technical experience, the development team makes sure to educate/communicate the different possibilities effectively.
  • Develops confidence: This working methodology promotes confidence among the team and the product owner. It allows setting the right expectations for the team resulting in better visibility and eliminates unnecessary slip-ups. One of the most damaging behaviours to a team is moving team members in and out of the team and by understanding team members individually this can be prevented. The product owner will have 100% confidence over the team.

With the ability to choose your own team you can get the desired output and maximum satisfaction.

This is a practise we encourage here in Systems Valley and we have been part of several client success stories.

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