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Global Engagement Models -
Foundation of Value Delivery

At Systems Valley, we establish a commitment toward a successful project right from the planning phase to the delivery phase and provide ongoing support through its development. Our mission is to help organisations expedite new technologies, resolve complicated concerns that emerge during digital development, and organise innovation.

We understand that each client is unique and looking for flexibility in engagement, catering to address their specific needs. We offer flexible engagement models to meet the diverse needs of our clients globally and follow standard engagement models as practised by prominent service providers globally.

Technology solutions offering

Fixed Scope & Budget

  • Projects that have well-defined goals, precise and transparent scope, and well-planned milestones which are unlikely to change.
  • This model works well to build MVPs and run the first iteration of product/app development with P-O features.
  • Guarantees a fixed budget for the projects, regardless of the time and expense.
Image of Fixed Scope & Budget
Image of Fixed Scope & Budget

Time and Material

  • Long-term projects with unclear requirements and scope.
  • Projects with a flexibility to change project requirements and risks are well managed in a cost-effective manner.
  • Complex projects with multiple unknown variables that evolve with multiple iterations. Cost of work is defined as a function of time and resources invested on the basis of a fixed rate.
Image of Time and Material
Image of Time and Material

Dedicated Team

  • Long-term projects with defined goals but multiple requirement variables-scope, skills, technology, timelines.
  • Projects with a need to add skilled workforce as offshore counterpart to support agility and have complete control over the project.
  • Project that require multi-skill global team to work in close collaboration with in-house teams.
Image of Dedicated Team
Image of Dedicated Team
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