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Build a digital solution to help someone quit smoking through data analysis


Inspired by personal tragedies and with years of research, the stakeholder team of Customised Computer Solutions, based in the United States, decided to revolutionise support to help people quit tobacco, for good.


Agile & Scrum
Design Research
Frontend Development
Search Engine Optimisation
UCD Process
User Experience Design

The Challenge

When the business owner contacted Systems Valley regarding the tobacco cessation management software, she had already developed a basic FileMaker application; combining her research, medical advice and programming skills to create a solid foundation.

However, due to the demanding nature of her management role, it was clear additional resources would be needed to finalise the complex design.

how might we create an engaging solution for doctors and clinics to help someone to quit smoking through data analysis.


For a solution to help Quit Tobacco 4 Good easily manage their site and market products effectively, Systems Valley recommended a user centric approach for the application.

Quit Tobacco Digital App process


The flexible service and additional resources that Systems Valley provided ensured the best value and turnaround, at the lowest risk.

With their niche expertise, the Systems Valley team were able to use the advanced features of FileMaker, along with other programming skills to develop a more advanced and user-friendly application. The customised UI / UX design addressed the workflow of each user, to simplify processes, add value and provide visually appealing designs.

Quit Tobacco Digital App solution


Following testing, the launch of the ‘Quit Tobacco 4 Good’ management software met with quick success and was quickly adopted by doctors, clinics, hospitals and HR departments throughout America.

Healthcare facilities have found the patient tracking system to be an immensely beneficial tool; allowing multiple users to log data and track patient progress easily. Meanwhile, the website developed by Systems Valley helps drive queries and regular subscriptions for the software.

numbers speak

600% Number of

800% Average leads
per month

<6 months Analysis

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