Agile Process Revolutionizes Software development

2 min read Jan 14 2019
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There are core Agile Principles that help create better products and will revolutionize your software development. These principles are included in the Agile manifesto.

455724 Dynamo Essential Training [Update Q3 2017] copy
455724 Dynamo Essential Training [Update Q3 2017] copy

Created in 2001 by seventeen individual software practitioners, the Agile manifesto has developed into a wider project management concept with new frameworks and methodologies. The main values of Agile development have remained the same and they are based on:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

  • Responding to change over following a plan

Let’s get into the details of a few very important Agile principles that transform software development.

Active user involvement: During the software development process, Agile teams are required to involve the users. In order to achieve the desired results and to attain the full potential of the software project, active user involvement is imperative. This way, the requirements can be prioritized based on the needs of the user and market, upcoming requirements can be factored into the development schedule, and new requests can be identified and clarified quickly.

Incremental release and iterative development: Agile methodology focuses on developing the features individually and then putting them together. Iterative development is a way of breaking down the software development of a large application into smaller chunks while Incremental release allows the team to release small products. A lot of time and effort can be saved this way. These both principles of Agile can transform your software development.

Self-driven teams: Self-driven and motivated teams, without doubt, drives higher satisfaction levels and great productivity. Agile promotes independence among each member of project teams that facilitate creative thinking, quick problem solving and knowledge sharing.

Businessman drawing SCRUM product development schema on presentation display
Businessman drawing SCRUM product development schema on presentation display

Completion of tasks: Agile keeps track of all the tasks and the tasks uncompleted. One of the benefits associated with the Agile principle is that you can’t move forward without completing each task. At the end of the sprint or project, you need not worry about an unfinished task. The agile team focuses on getting the tasks done, so that product increments are delivered to the client on time.

Regular Testing: Testing both early and often is one of the crucial steps that determine the success of the product. Organizations with an Agile mindset, promote testing in the early stages to ensure quick identification of problems and resolving them. Testing helps developers work smoothly as they are usually building on other team member’s work. Common issues that arise in software development can be sorted out easily and the development process can progress.

Collaborative environment: As software development is done in a team, collaboration and cooperation are key to its success. Team members should be completely transparent to the product owner so that he understands the team capabilities of delivering a product. Cooperation and collaboration among the team don’t come easy but they are vital for project success.

Agile principles and processes are useful to face development challenges, source and scale up development team and develop innovative products,

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