Adopting Agile to help team transformation

3 min read Jan 08 2019
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By empowering your team you get them to make the right decisions, communicate strongly and deliver projects on time. Without a doubt, agile adoption help transform your team into a highly effective software team that drives greater results.

Adopting Agile to help team transformation
Adopting Agile to help team transformation

The Agile methodology is designed in such a way that it makes everyone on the team, aware of what's going on. This is made possible through effective and constant communication and planning which are the crucial aspects that determine the success of a software project. From developer to product owner, every team member gets all the necessary information to make wise decisions throughout the product development and delivery phase. Working with agile methodologies give control over the issues that arise due to lack of visibility on what your team is working. Missed deadlines, major development issues, miscommunication and delayed delivery will soon become a thing of the past in your organization.  

We have successfully adopted agile and has witnessed team empowerment within our company. Over the years we have evolved our agile practices and our business have benefitted significantly. Some of the benefits include

  • Quick and smart delivery process with good communication
  • Deploying effective agile testing and automation
  • Highly motivated and confident team
  • Successful in meeting user demands and timelines
  • Quick adoption of new tools and practices
  • Happy and satisfied clients

Every organization is working to build smart teams and create an energized work culture within the team to produce better results and deliver great software. Following agile methodologies and practices are proven to deliver business benefits such as:

Adopting New Tools and Practices: Agile team is required to learn and get hands-on training with new agile tools. This will help every member of the team to reach their full potential. Unlike the traditional tests, agile testing and automation provides quick feedback and help improve the quality of the code. Developers are able to make the required iterations on time.

Following a set of principles and processes:  Agile teams need to follow a set of well thought out processes and principles. These processes include regular meetings with stakeholders for planning, user acceptance and sprint reviews, and daily scrum meetings etc.  Every team member needs to be part of these collaborative activities so that they can achieve the desired outcome by working and thinking as a team.  

Opportunity to learn and embrace innovative solutions: It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to follow the agile practices and ceremonies and adopting automated tools and technologies. However, this gives the team members several opportunities to explore and learn. The process builds a positive work culture, wherein the team members are fearless to make decisions and try out innovative ideas and experiment.

Knowledge Sharing: Sharing new knowledge and experiences is very important when it comes to building a strong team. Agile principles help cultivate knowledge sharing across all teams in an organization. Team members are encouraged to actively take part in product demonstrations, showcases, team collaborations, communications and discussions.

Defining User Stories: This is perhaps the most important activity in agile development. Creating appropriate user stories provide great clarity about the specific requirements for the team members and help them estimate the time required for project completion.

Three Amigos approach is a proven practice to break down epics. This refers to the three perspectives the business, development and testing, to examine an increment of work before, during, and after development.  When people from these three perspectives collaborate to define what to do and agree on acceptance criteria for each user story, it leads to a clear description of the work

Good Collaboration and Communication: Strong communication and collaboration are made possible within agile teams.  Agile team exhibit discipline, close collaboration, and commitment with stakeholders and other team members during iteration planning, and discussions.

When the team is transitioning to agile, they will get training on the specific methodology they will use such as Scrum or Kanban. It is highly recommended that the team receive all the guidance and knowledge necessary for agile to be successful. Going agile will result in smart and productive teams and software project goals are more likely to be met.

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