Why we think Java is the most popular programming language

3 min read Jan 16 2019
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Java is by far a widely used and the most popular programming language across the world. Java is used by over 9 million developers and running on 7 billion devices, thanks to its rich ecosystem of tools, frameworks and access to java class libraries.

blog java
blog java

According to Indeed.com, there are more job postings for Java than for any other programming language. There are over 9,500 job openings for Java developers on LinkedIn. All this signifies the wide acceptance of this programming language.

Several versions of Java have been launched since its inception in 1995. Features such as long-term compatibility, readability and user-friendliness contribute to the popularity of Java.

Java developers are high in demand!

The demand for Java certified professionals is growing and will continue to rise in the coming years. As Java is the basis for wide-range of networked application and is the global standard for developing embedded applications, web content, games, mobile applications and enterprise software, companies are looking for experienced industry professionals as well as graduates.

Java is used to build apps for banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions and is widely accepted by tech giants. Here is why we prefer Java.

Beginner-friendly: Developed from the languages C and C++ and sharing a few functionalities with C and C++, Java has become a beginner-friendly language. Java is also known for handling complex tasks, while new programmers can easily write and run them. It is undeniably one of the best general-purpose programming languages to learn and its versatility makes it a great platform for mobile developers. Apart from being versatile, Java facilitates all the fundamental tools of programming.

Adaptability and Stability: Java is used on most of the devices including mobiles, desktops and for developing large-scale applications. Java is a statically-typed language. New developers can avoid unexpected errors as Java is checked for errors before running. The best part of this programming language is that it ensures that the developers define different aspects of the code so no errors are made while the programs are developed. Even before the app is built all the errors are checked and identified, thus developers can maintain it easily as it grows in size and complexity.

High performance: When compared to dynamically typed languages java is much faster. Java, the statically typed language, saves machine’s resources spent on checking the definition of different aspects of the code while the app is running.

Now, the latest Java programs are high in performance due to the mature JIT compilers and advanced JVMs. This means the performance can be optimized in real time and enable Java program to run faster. As a result, the app can handle more processes.

Rich API and Tools: With its rich API (Application Programming Interface) and incredible supporting open source bio-network, it offers API for I/O, XML parsing, networking, database connection, and much more.

Another significant aspect is the Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) which acts as an excellent source code editor. Integrated automation tools and a debugger are part of it. Improved debugging assistance is also offered to the Java programmers. In short, Java helps in developing a safe and easily accessible platform.

Community: When it comes to programming language community, the larger, the better. This gives the users the necessary support and help from a strong developer community. Java has a large community for Android development and back-end web development, which ensures opportunities to give and receive help. The continuous development of useful tools to make the language easier to use is another advantage of a big community.

Developing and deploying exciting application and services are made possible with Java, thanks to its incredible traits and large community support. It’s no wonder why Java is still widely used to develop business applications, android games, mobile apps and more.

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