An agile approach for an exceptional build

We operate as an extension of your existing workforce using Agile Scrum methodology. This flexible and scalable approach eliminates risk by allowing us to adapt quickly to changing needs and focus on creating the perfect product, every time.
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Simplicity & Creativity

It’s important to us that the development of your custom software, app or web portal is simple and stress-free.

Our processes provide agility to your technical team so you can scale up, or scale down services to suit your requirements and deliver maximum value.

To keep creative solutions flowing, we work closely with you as the product owner using daily or weekly reviews; making sure the project is always on target to deliver the very best user experience.

Transparency & Security

After we analyse your business needs, you can choose how to work with us using our flexible engagement model; designed by our customers for complete transparency and convenience.

With Scrum processes, you won’t be kept in the dark. You receive high visibility of the project progression, timings and final costs with opportunity for daily input and feedback.

Systems Valley talent are trained to the highest levels and receive stringent background checks from one of the ‘big four' accounting firms. Together with confidentiality agreements, you can be certain that your product and ideas remain protected and secure.

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Quality & Attention to Detail

We understand that quality assurance is vital. Custom software and applications represent your organisation and are important for improving efficiencies and driving revenue.

Working to ISO9001 processes, we guarantee quality control at every stage of your build, from initial prototypes to acceptance testing.

Agile methods enable our developers to identify issues before they escalate and our highly skilled designers inspect and refine the smallest details, to turn your product from satisfactory to exceptional.

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Agile & Scrum

As an Agile Software Development Company, our processes follow the Agile Scrum Methodology; a framework used for completing complex projects quickly and at minimal risk to you, the product owner.

Using the Agile method, we work in iterations called sprints that are 2-4 weeks long. Each sprint delivers a tested and refined module as one part of the overall product.

This allows us to adapt to changing needs as the build evolves. With your regular reviews and input, errors are eliminated and risk is minimised, delivering the ideal product much faster, so you can achieve a quicker return on investment.

There are many more advantages of using an Agile Software Development Company.

As the product owner, you can prioritise modules that will deliver greater benefits to your business or pause modules for future completion; tailoring the build to suit your requirements.

With high visibility of the productivity and progress of the project, you stay informed and in charge.

Being Agile ensures that every sprint delivers a component that is of value to your business. The result is a custom-made software, app or web portal that is delivered on time, in budget and beyond expectations.

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