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The Background

In schools across America, educators work hard to prepare their students for success. Paper-based tests are a regular part of school life, providing insight into student capabilities.

On the West Coast, one state in particular, found diagnostic tests for mathematics highly effective. The system enabled teachers to assess student math skills and adjust teaching practices to better prepare students for exams and future courses.

Unfortunately, the paper-based system had its limitations. Evaluations would take time and the service was only available in one area.

So to increase the efficiency and availability of the testing service, an enterprising consultant contacted Systems Valley with a plan; to develop a web application that would take the whole assessment system online.

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The Challenge

In order to bring the maths tests and diagnostic tools online, a custom-designed application would be needed. This complex assessment system required a build from the ground-up, using specialist PHP programming skills.

To cope with the demands of the project and the requirements of the educational institutions involved, the consultant required complete assurance that all aspects of the build would be carried out to specified requirements and with a level of flexibility.

He needed a dependable development service with the right skills. A partner that had in place the processes to provide an agile service that could adapt to the changes and refinements of the project as it evolved.

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The Findings

The new application would provide much more than access to online assessments.

Diagnostic tools and features would be added to enable teachers to drill down and evaluate data. This would then help to identify strengths and weaknesses of student abilities and teaching practices. The application would also be designed to report test results and data analysis instantaneously; delivering a huge time-saving advantage over paper-based assessments.

In addition, the layout and user experience needed to be straightforward and understandable, to allow students to focus on their assessments, as well as provide a simple process for teachers to upload class enrolments and download diagnostic reports.


Our Approach

As standard practice, Systems Valley provides each client with a choice of qualified technical engineers to interview and select for their project.

Before resumes are released to clients, each technician undergoes careful assessment by Systems Valley, including technical tests, personality tests and interviews.

After reviewing five resumes and conducting interviews, the product owner selected the most suitable PHP developer to commence work on the online testing application.

Working to Agile Scrum methodology, Systems Valley determined a schedule that suited the time-zone and availability of the client; conducting daily conference calls to ensure every component was built to the exact requirements.

The Solution

As a dependable partner with a scalable service, Systems Valley provided the best option for completing the custom-built application at minimal risk. Active involvement in the recruitment process reassured the client that his chosen team were committed to delivering a high-quality product.

Soon after the first phase of the development was completed, the client was able to increase the resources required for the second phase; selecting a talented UI / UX developer to finalise the application with appealing design and usability.

Unfailing commitment to regular communication between Systems Valley and the client ensured high visibility of the project, with every aspect of the build monitored, checked and approved to guarantee satisfaction under the guidelines of Agile working practices.

The outcome was a highly efficient and powerful online analysis tool that would enable students to complete licensed tests and provide teachers with instant diagnostic results.

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The Results

The online application for diagnostic mathematic tests became very popular, very quickly; with hundreds of schools utilising the system for their students.

No longer available in just one state, the online application soon found success in schools across the United States, with educators continuing to praise the assessment system for its effectiveness in assessing mathematical ability; its insightful evaluation tools and simplified usability.

As an environmentally-friendly alternative to paper testing, this fresh and efficient approach to diagnostic tests continues to improve with support from Systems Valley and their commitment to remaining dependable technical partners.

“If I’m honest, I was apprehensive at first, as I hadn’t used Systems Valley before. However, I’m glad to say that everything promised was delivered. Systems Valley has a well-established support structure and chain of command that means everything runs smoothly.

It didn’t matter that there was a time difference, their communication was exceptional and because I’d personally chosen my team, I was confident that I’d receive the exact skills and service that I needed.”


CEO & Manager

CEO & Manager

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