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Wherever your business is located, you can rely on our elite team of talent to work remotely as one unit, bringing together expertise from across the globe to achieve your specific vision.

You Stay in Control

We understand that outsourcing your development project can be a difficult decision. To alleviate any concerns, we have in place strong processes that are customer approved. These processes guarantee a transparent collaboration and keep you in complete control.

Agile and Scrum remote technical team structure of

Finalise Your Team

Our simple engagement model, seen above, allows you to extend your technical team without the need to make long-term investments in staff or resources. Our flexible approach allows you to scale-up or scale-down the level of support, depending on your project requirements. By reviewing the CVs of each member, you have the freedom to choose individual developers to work exclusively on your project; ensuring a compatible team dedicated to meeting your expectations. Once your team is selected, they will be managed by the Scrum Leader who will hold daily meetings to make sure each team member understands and actions the project objectives.

Receive Real-Time Communication

Agile Scrum protocols used by Systems Valley require consistent and regular communication between you and the Scrum Leader. With free access to video conferencing and specialised update software, you stay informed of the progress in real-time and without additional cost. As the product owner, you shape the build by defining the requirements and goals of the development. These goals are converted into technical tasks and completed in priority order by your chosen UI / UX designers. During the build you will be able to inspect each module, on a daily basis, receiving frequent opportunity to raise questions, request changes and ensure the final results match your needs. This Agile process allows the technical team to adapt to changing needs as the build evolves, minimising risk in order to deliver the ideal product.

Access Faster Product Delivery

By outsourcing development work to your Systems Valley team, you benefit from extended working hours. Even when you’re sleeping, the distributed team continues to work across the globe to complete your product quickly and help you achieve a quicker return on your investment. In addition, overlap times with your time zone ensure that it’s always possible to run a daily meeting. The success of your final product requires teamwork between you and Systems Valley. We don’t work on your project in isolation as this could risk unnecessary errors, so by using Agile Scrum protocol, we keep you involved at every step for an effective collaboration.

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