Portals and Collaboration Solutions



Portals and Collaboration Solutions

One of the best ways to ensure staff are able to access the most up-to-date version of any information is via a company portal. Using collaboration tools, employees can add, view or amend information, providing a single, authoritative repository for company data.

There are many portal and collaboration products available, although the quality of each varies greatly. Systems Valley believe that Microsoft SharePoint provides the best balance between functionality and power, in a fully scalable system which suits businesses of any size.

Why choose Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is designed to interface directly with existing Microsoft Windows networks to provide native compatibility and a consistent user experience. SharePoint is fully accessible using the Internet Explorer web browser, but also interfaces directly with Microsoft Office for easy update of the company portal. Using Systems Valley to help deploy a SharePoint portal provides many benefits including:

  • Centralised document storage. Documents stored in a central SharePoint portal are always current, ensuring employees are accessing the most accurate information available.
  • Powerful indexing tools. Built-in indexing tools create a catalogue of company data making retrieval of pertinent information lightning fast for greater employee efficiency.
  • Built-in collaboration tools allow your entire workforce to interact through a single company portal regardless of their geographical location reducing time delays and communication costs.
  • Community-based functionality allows content access to be restricted to approved stakeholders and provides a common online meeting place for grouping project related data.
  • Website functionality. Familiar web based access methods are complimented by deep Microsoft Office integration to make access and creation of files simple and intuitive.

The SharePoint framework is also highly configurable allowing for sophisticated workflow creation to match the way your company actually works. A comprehensive application programming interface allows for the creation of extensions unique to your business needs or for interfacing SharePoint with other mission-critical systems increasing the functionality of your portal, making it the focus for all your business activities.

Why Systems Valley?

Systems Valley offer full-service Portal and Collaborations solutions, ensuring your business gets all the service and support needed to complete your platform deployment. Our consultant will help identify suitable platforms, install, configure and extend software and provide end user training without detracting from your day-to day operations. Systems Valley also provide ongoing support, maintenance and development services to nurture your platform and ensure it continues to provide value for the future.

Systems Valley is a Microsoft Certified Partner with a proven track record of implementing portals and collaborative toolsets based on Microsoft SharePoint. Our portfolio contains several examples of SharePoint portal installations, each of which demonstrates our experience in configuring the system to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Systems Valley also offer bespoke development services to extend the core functionality of SharePoint to match your specific business needs. Finally, in depth training courses for users and administrators ensure that any investment in a SharePoint portal deployment by Systems Valley provides an ongoing return on investment.