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CRM Whitepaper

This white paper discusses the benefits of using a web-based CRM solution as opposed to an on-premise solution.

Dynamic Technical Team

In today’s dynamic market, companies find it difficult to compete with their counterparts.Our research proposes the use of a Dynamic Technical Team to counter your competitor’s advantages and level the field of play. In this paper you would see the six major business advantages of using a Dynamic Technical Team

Forrester TEI Study

Forrester Consulting provides independent and objective research-based consulting to help leaders succeed in their organizations.

Optimizing Business Productivity: Do More for Your Customers and Your Business

When sales, marketing, and service teams increase their productivity through the use of a holistic CRM solution, both customer experience and business results improve, creating a competitive advantage.

Next-Generation CRM: Driving Productivity with End-to-End Cloud Services

There's a profound transformation under way in how the world's technology is built, bought, delivered, and consumed.

CRM and Social Networking

As social networking sites explode in popularity, the hype and interest continue to build. Facebook alone topped 200 million users in 2009 (Wauter 2009).

Improving Sales Productivity

In boom times or not, increasing sales revenue is nearly always a top business objective for enterprises large and small. The key question, of course, is how?

Sales and Marketing—The New Power Couple

The sales team is pointing fingers at marketing because they aren’t bringing in enough qualified leads, and marketing is responding by saying sales is at fault because they don’t know how to follow up on a lead.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In an era of intense competition, the customer experience is often the main differentiator between commoditized products and services. Once a sale is complete, the contact center is an enterprise’s primary touch point with its customers, whether they are consumers or other businesses.

Real-World Marketing

This white paper discusses the benefits to organizations and individuals of having access to "real-world" marketing automation capabilities.

CRM in a Challenging Economy

As the economic environment continues to fluctuate, many organizations are asking themselves what strategies they can pursue to bring tangible business benefits while taking stock of the economic conditions.