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The Background

How do you help someone quit tobacco? There are a number of options and support available, however, the best treatment depends on the individual; their age, conditions, preferences and medical history.

What works for one person, may not work for another.

Selecting the right treatment requires collecting and evaluating a large amount of data. Not an easy task when you’re a busy professional, with a responsibility to help patients or employees quit tobacco.

Inspired by personal tragedies and with years of research, the owner of Customized Computer Solutions based in the United States decided it was time for a better solution – a software package that would revolutionise support to help people quit tobacco, for good.

Themes In Our Work

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  • User experience design
  • Frontend Development
  • Search Engine Optimization


  • Systems Valley
  • Development Centre, India

The Challenge

When the business owner contacted Systems Valley regarding the tobacco cessation management software, she had already developed a basic FileMaker application; combining her research, medical advice and programming skills to create a solid foundation.

However, due to the demanding nature of her management role, it was clear additional resources would be needed to finalise the complex design.

Having previously partnered with Systems Valley on smaller projects, she was impressed with their expertise in user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design, so she contacted them to develop the software further and fast-track the project.

What she required, however, wasn’t just a basic program. To really meet user requirements, the application would need to surpass the standard FileMaker interface features; requiring advanced programming skills to provide the best user experience.

Qt4g case study 1

The Findings

The application would be used by doctors, clinics and HR professionals, to help them ask the right questions, capture data easily, track progress, schedule appointments and implement a personal plan for each patient using proven and effective methods.

Users would also be able to access the most current recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and the Public Health Service Guidelines.

It was imperative then, that the application was extremely user-friendly to avoid confusion or lengthy training.

In addition, a cross-platform system was needed to allow users to access the application on a number of operating systems and devices, including smartphones, Macs and PCs.

With the priority on developing a complex database structure and impressive UI / UX design, Systems Valley would need to utilise their niche skill-set.

Qt4g case study wireframe

Our Approach

As the product owner already had access to on-site developers, Systems Valley provided a flexible service that would allow her to scale-up or down the level of support required.

By using Agile Scrum methodology, Systems Valley could then identify and implement top priority functions for the application.

With continual input from the product owner, each module built would be assessed and refined throughout the process. Systems Valley would then develop specialised coding to expand the predefined options of FileMaker without compromising on performance, focusing attention on the optimisation of UI / UX design.

The Solution

The flexible service and additional resources that Systems Valley provided ensured the best value and turnaround, at the lowest risk.

With their niche expertise, the Systems Valley team were able to use the advanced features of FileMaker, along with other programming skills to develop a more advanced and user-friendly application. The customised UI / UX design addressed the workflow of each user, to simplify processes, add value and provide visually appealing designs that could incorporate the logo and brand of subscribers.

Finally, to promote the finalised product after testing, Systems Valley developed a modern and appealing eCommerce website to attract interest, allowing customers to purchase the license for the software securely using monthly subscriptions.

Quit Tobacco for Good-web application screenshot - Systemsvalley case study

The Results

Following testing, the launch of the ‘Quit Tobacco 4 Good’ management software soon met with success and was quickly adopted by doctors, clinics, hospitals and HR departments throughout America.

Healthcare facilities have found the patient tracking system to be an immensely useful tool; allowing multiple users to easily log data and track patient progress. Meanwhile, the website developed by Systems Valley, helps drive queries and regular subscriptions for the software.

Above all, the program works. The software enables healthcare professionals to identify the right approach for each individual in their care, giving them the best chance to quit smoking and restore their health.

With feedback from users, the software continues to evolve, with regular updates ready to enhance user experience and support people to quit tobacco 4 good.

“I was really impressed with the design skills of Systems Valley - they delivered just what I needed. Whenever I had questions, they always responded quickly. The team is really coordinated and have been nothing but professional throughout the development of my software. I’d recommend Systems Valley to anyone!”

Joanne Bell

Quit Tobacco 4 Good, United States

Quit Tobacco 4 Good, United States

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