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A customised web platform provides the ideal solution as a tool for testing strategies and delivering effective content marketing for an innovative engineering firm.

The Background

When your business is making revolutionary advancements in engineering, it’s understandable that you would want your online presence to reflect those capabilities and expertise.

This was the requirement of a Midlands’ based company, Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Ltd, that specialise in developing leading rotary engines for the aerospace and automotive industry.

They had made rapid progress with revolutionary engine design and now wanted to promote their achievements online using a versatile solution that could streamline their marketing.

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The Challenge

At the time that AIE (UK) Ltd approached Systems Valley, they were utilising a basic website for online marketing, however, this system could not deliver on their needs.

AIE required a solution that not only matched their ethos of innovation but actively supported lead generation. They required a web presence that clearly represented their authority in engineering.

Due to busy schedules promoting their technologies across the globe, AIE’s workforce had minimal time to manage and update online platforms. With an evolving portfolio of products, continual events to promote and updates on numerous funded projects, it was clear AIE needed a time-saving and efficient solution.

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Meeting with AIE to assess their needs, Systems Valley could see how the dated website platform hindered marketing efforts.

Unable to work effectively on mobile devices and with unstructured content, the website performed poorly in search engine results; generating little visitor traffic and producing zero leads.

The content management system for the web portal was also restrictive, making updates and design changes problematic.

Discouraged by the challenge of managing the current web platform, AIE members felt that they could not effectively trial or implement new digital marketing strategies.

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Our Approach

For a solution to help AIE easily manage their website and market products effectively, Systems Valley recommended a new customised web portal.

Working closely with AIE to determine their exact requirements, Systems Valley designed and built a web portal and responsive business website.

By developing the system in short sprints using the Agile method, Systems Valley could provide complete scalability, ensuring they could respond to changes and add new features to meet AIE’s marketing ambitions.

Integrated with powerful tools, the new system would then allow AIE to manage their content marketing with a few simple interactions; providing an exceptional user experience for all.

The Solution

The development of a customised web platform with multi-device compatibility provided an ideal solution for AIE’s busy schedule and marketing requirements.

Integrated with time-saving automation tools, AIE can easily add new products or articles, and the system will auto-generate content; adding new pages and previews automatically in appropriate areas of the website.

Built for flexibility, the web platform allows AIE to modify the site to test different marketing ideas. New product pages can be trialled and a variety of media options uploaded without the fear of impairing the website design or compromising on quality.

Additional functions also support AIE in identifying areas where they can improve search engine optimisation (SEO) and refine user experience, to boost awareness of their website online.

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In just days of the launch, the customised web portal was already transforming AIE’s online marketing.

The ability to test new landing pages and designs supported the marketing team to assess their strategies and select the most effective approach.

With a modernised website optimised for use with any device, visitor traffic significantly increased and soon genuine leads from interested organisations began to emerge.

Within 6 months, the new web platform and streamlined marketing helped increase AIE’s number of visitors by 600% and average leads per month by 800%.

Working as a powerful tool to test and deliver marketing strategies, the new portal and professional website design has now helped to establish AIE as a trusted online authority in rotary engine development.

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We were extremely impressed by the service provided by Systems Valley. They knew exactly what to recommend to transform our online presence. The new website system they designed has made a huge difference and already we are seeing positive results and generating interest from companies around the globe.

Naithan Baily

Managing Director, Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Ltd

Managing Director, Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Ltd

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