Enterprise Content Management Solutions



Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Although businesses typically focus on structured data sets like documents as their primary repositories of information, most also rely on other unstructured file types for reference. In the same way a Document Management System can help a business keep track of vital documents, an Electronic Content Management system offers the same functionality for other file types such as audio and video files.

Microsoft SharePoint Server is one such product, offering an enterprise-class indexing system capable of storing and collating unstructured data.

Why choose Microsoft SharePoint Server?

SharePoint offers a single point of reference which can be accessed by your employees inside and outside the corporate network through their web browser. SharePoint Server offers valuable benefits including:

  • Centralised file storage.Files of any data type can be uploaded to SharePoint, creating a single, authoritative point of reference for employees and introducing a version control mechanism simultaneously.
  • Simplified data retrieval. Logical file structure and data storage accompanied by enterprise-class search functionality makes retrieval of information far quicker than traditional storage methods.
  • Browser-based file access. Web technologies allow access to files from anywhere, inside or outside the company network, helping employees remain productive at all times.
  • File-level security. Hierarchical storage allows files to be grouped by project or other definition. Permissions can also be applied to files and folders, preventing unauthorised access.
  • MS Office integration. Deep integration with the Microsoft Office productivity suite makes accessing SharePoint simple and intuitive.

SharePoint is also full extensible and customisable, allowing for the creation of workflows to match your in-house business practices.

Why Systems Valley?

Identifying and recommending a suitable platform is just the first step part of Systems Valley’s full Enterprise Content Management solution. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire project through from start to finish, ensuring you get everything you need from the solution and acquire the skills required to assume ownership when the project is completed.

As Microsoft Certified Partners, Systems Valley has a proven track record of implementing Electronic Content Management systems based on Microsoft SharePoint Server. Our portfolio contains several examples of SharePoint portal installations, each of which demonstrates their experience in configuring the ECM system to match the business processes in place at the customer’s organisation.

Systems Valley also offer bespoke development services to extend the core functionality of SharePoint Server, creating bespoke workflow solutions. Finally, in depth training courses for users and administrators ensure that any investment in a SharePoint ECM deployment by Systems Valley provides a significant ongoing return on investment.