Business Solutions Consulting



Business Solutions Consulting

Companies looking to make significant savings through efficiencies need to seriously consider automation of common tasks to improve speed of business. Systems Valley can help identify solutions to increase automation throughout your company or to meet other business goals.

What can I expect from Business Solutions Consulting?

The end goal of any business solutions consultancy is to reduce costs by creating new efficiencies. Here are some ways these gains are achieved:

  • Reduced manual intervention. Reap the benefits of reduced mistakes and oversights inherent in manually administered systems.
  • Fewer errors means less time and money spent correcting problems
  • Increased business responsiveness. Workflow automation reduces the latency associated with manual filing, order progression and issue escalation
  • Reduced headcount. Less human intervention opens the possibility for a smaller staff, offering significant and long-lasting cost savings
  • Business goal attainment. Identification of new systems which can help attain business goals for increased turnover, greater profits or general efficiency improvements.

How can Systems Valley help with Business Solutions Consultancy?

Depending on the specific needs of your business and the processes requiring automation or resolution, Systems Valley can help implement solutions based on proven Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics - CRM

For companies interested in automating their customer relationship, sales and marketing efforts, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers powerful tools for creating and managing the entire sales pipeline. With a fully customisable workflow that includes automated escalation and routing of customer queries and issues, Microsoft Dynamics relieves the burden of manual filing, allowing staff to focus on providing better customer service and closing more sales deals. Find out more

Microsoft SharePoint – Document Management

Similarly Microsoft SharePoint can transform the document management habits of your business by automating updates and ensuring information is routed to the right person immediately. The built-in file retention rules and shadow backups helps reduce the burden of administering the administration – again allowing staff to focus on being more productive. Find out more

Why Systems Valley?

As Microsoft Certified Partners, Systems Valley have the skills and experience to specify and modify Dynamics CRM and SharePoint to meet the specific needs of your business and ensure that automation is implemented correctly. We also retain a dedicated software development team to provide integration services, interfacing your systems for ultimate cross-platform interoperability and an even greater degree of automation. Why not give us a call today to discuss the specific issues facing your business?