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Aug 29 2013

Future of SaaS


In simple terms, SaaS is the software distributed as a hosted service which is available over the internet. SaaS gives small to large size companies, the opportunity for the transition of software acquisition risks and then to shift IT from a reaction cost center to a value producing, proactive part of the organization.

The cloud computing model only seems to be getting better after the year 2011. According to Gartner, SaaS along with the rest of the applications is going to grow exponentially in the coming 2 to 5 years for large, medium and small sized businesses. SaaS is getting more affordable for small sized and medium sized companies. SaaS services are availed by small sized companies, from law firms to retailers. Many SaaS applications are focusing on CRM especially in the areas like supply chain, sales, finance, outside locations etc.

In the manufacturing segment also it looks positive for SaaS, as there is increasing need to bring the operations up to date in the areas like lean inventories, supply chain optimization, increased visibility etc. with the help of on demand applications for ERP and supply chains.

Technology have been associated with global connectivity and in this era of increasing importance for connectivity , the accessibility of SaaS applications on demand can act as a catalyst for its further growth and increased credibility as people will get used to it. Though speed and security associated with cloud was a concern in the past, cloud has been advancing on that ground too.

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