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Aug 01 2013

BBM is now open to other Operating systems

BlackBerry Messenger is going to appear in other operating systems like iOS and android shortly, as per the announcement made at BlackBerry jam conference. It was announced by BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, that this can be expected soon in its rival operating systems. BlackBerry messenger is considered to be one of the favorite attributes by BlackBerry device users. iOS 6 and Android ICS onwards will be supported . Approval from Apple iStore and Google Play are being awaited currently. Carrier data networks are used by the BlackBerry messenger for the secure transmission of messages through its servers among the network of BlackBerry users. With BlackBerry 10, phone calls, video chats and screen sharing are also made possible in recent times by the blackberry messenger service. BBM for iOS and Android is going to begin with normal and group chats where other features are to be subsequently added over a year. Apart from that, users can avail BBM on iOS and Android for free.

This could have been a highly sought after service by BBM until a few years back since currently i phones introduced i message through which the users can communicate by even speaking to each other and ‘Babel’ is awaiting to be launched by Google. Furthermore, messaging applications like Whatsapp, Groupme and Line are popular nowadays too.

Blackberry has also announced its OS version 10.1 which is now made available for the z 10 and also the launching of a pared down smart phone named Q5 for certain markets. The features of blackberry 10.1 include blackberry hub where the users can view all the messages and notifications at one place. Also personalized notifications are made available in this new version along with better cursor control. Even the camera features are improved along with other features of this operating system.

Q5 is targeted at selected developing markets of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, though information on pricing is not available. It is said to be launched by July.

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