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Jan 16 2014

Virtualization: The future of physical servers and predecessor of Cloud

Server Virtualization, a technology used to partition physical servers into multiple virtual servers, has been increasingly gaining attention in all sectors of the market. And why should it not? When all the organizations, in the current business climate, are positioning themselves to be strategically lean by cutting costs, server virtualization…
Aug 29 2013

Future of SaaS

In simple terms, SaaS is the software distributed as a hosted service which is available over the internet. SaaS gives small to large size companies, the opportunity for the transition of software acquisition risks and then to shift IT from a reaction cost center to a value producing, proactive part…
Aug 01 2013

BBM is now open to other Operating systems

BlackBerry Messenger is going to appear in other operating systems like iOS and android shortly, as per the announcement made at BlackBerry jam conference. It was announced by BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, that this can be expected soon in its rival operating systems. BlackBerry messenger is considered to be one…
Sep 25 2012

Efficiently schedule customer services activities

Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organisation and your customer services professionals will be able to streamline the way they schedule services and resources. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s powerful scheduling features, your customer services professionals can:
Sep 18 2012

Efficiently manage customer accounts

Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organisation and your customer services teams will be able to manage customer accounts easily and efficiently. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s powerful account management tools, you can:
Aug 07 2012

Improve your response management

In last week’s blog , we discussed how you can effectively manage your sales, marketing and customer services data using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Today, we would like to discuss how you can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enhance the way you monitor and manage responses to your marketing campaigns. Using…
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